About me


Hello friends. I am ZUBI, a beginner at FASHION blogging. An Electronic Engineer by profession. A FASHIONISTA by passion. I love FASHION to an extent that my dreams belong to it. I am by no means an expert in FASHION, nor do I ever claim to be one. But I have dreams of reaching to pinnacles no one have had ever dreamt about in FASHION.
I am on a mission to celebrate every bit of STYLE, FASHION, BEAUTY, ELEGANCE, ATTITUDE and POISE. I am on a journey, exploring my own sense of personal style, and hopefully (cross my fingers) lead some inspiration.
Born and bought up in Mumbai,India. An avid collector of FASHION which includes bag, shoes, clothes, accessories etc. I am addicted to changing nail polishes as frequently as I change clothes. A day dreamer about FASHION and true FASHIONista by heart. I wish to make it big here with everyone’s support.


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