Schwarzkopf Professional’s all new Bonacure Hairtherapy with Cell Perfector Technology!

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As they have rightly said it, “Your hair is the ball gown that you never take off”. SO why not take the best care possible and keep looking your best with healthier hair possible always. 😉 Never before has a professional hair care technology got hair so close to natural perfection! With the launch of the new BC Hairtherapy with the Cell Perfector technology, Schwarzkopf Professional is setting new standards in hair care. And yes with the use of this new Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy range my hair feels perfectly conditioned, healthy and beautiful. Let’s take a look at the BC Hairtherapy products:

Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Shampoo: A solution for damaged hair. The shampoo ensures long-lasting and in-depth regeneration of the hair after just one wash. It cleanses, nourishes and detangles extremely damaged hair.  The formula with new Cell Perfector Technology and higher concentration of Proteolipids works at a cellular level to intensely seal the cuticle and restore the inner structure for natural strength and elasticity.
Application: Apply a sensible amount of quantity as per hair requirement into wet hair. Wash your hair generously and rinse it off.


My rating: 3 stars

Repair Rescue Conditioner: A basic solution for damaged hair types. It has the new Cell Perfector Technology and higher concentration of Proteolipids to detangle the hair while intensely sealing the hair cuticle, restoring natural strength and elasticity to damaged hair at a cellular level.
Application:  Apply a sensible amount of quantity as per hair requirement into wet hair and rinse it off after a time of 5 minutes.


My rating: 3 stars

Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment: Perfect for damaged hair. This hair mask provides ultimate in-depth repair even for dry, damaged hair. It has the new Cell Perfector Technology and higher concentration of Proteolipids to deeply nourish and intensively repair while sealing the hair cuticle, restoring natural strength and elasticity to extremely damaged hair at a cellular level.
Application: Apply a suitable quantity as per hair requirement into towel-dried hair and rinse out after 5-10 minutes.


My rating: 3.5 stars

Volume Boost Perfect Foam: This product is basically used for fine hair types. The volume boost gives an instant lift and refreshes the hair in between washes. It detangles, gives natural body and boosts the volume of fine hair. Silicone-Free formula with the new Cell Perfector Technology works at a cellular level to restore hair structure while creating a fuller feeling. It’s convenient 200 ml packaging makes it the perfect tool for on the go.

Application: Shake well. Hold the can upright. Spray into the hands or directly onto the roots of your hair and comb through. Leave in.


My rating: 3.5 stars

Moisture Kick Beauty Balm: This is an exciting new product to look for. It can be used for normal to dry hair types. This rinse-out emulsion treatment detangles and deeply moisturizes the hair. It has new Cell Perfector Technology and Hyaluronic Acid Derivate to intensively rehydrate and help protect from heat damage caused by hair dryers, restoring normal to dry or curly hair at a cellular level for exceptional shine.

Application: Work good into towel-dried hair and then style. Leave in.


My rating: 3 stars

Time Restore rejuvenating Serum: A solution for mature and fragile hair. This serum activates the hair roots after an application regime of only six weeks and helps to effectively arrest hair fall. It instantly refills mature hair with rejuvenated strength and restores scalp elasticity. The formula with the new Cell Perfector Technology, Q10 and Nutrifiller works at a cellular level to erase visible signs of ageing.

Application: Apply a few drops onto the roots of your hair and gently massage over the entire scalp and hair. Leave in. Keep out of direct sunlight.


My rating: 4.5 stars

Over all, with the launch of the all new BC Hairtherapy range, the customers are offered a customized hair care solution for all specific hair needs and a hair care regime that is initiated for lasting results. The BC Hairtherapy relaunch even comprises the hair care range of Smooth Perfect for unruly, coarse hair; Repair Rescue for damaged hair; Color Freeze for color-treated and bleached hair; Moisture Kick for dry hair; Volume Boost for fine hair; Time Restore for mature hair, and Hair Activator for thinning hair.

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Kaya Skin Care products!

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I am a kind of person who desires for a flawless glowing skin. Nothing beats your beauty with that type of a skin. And Kaya Skin Clinic is absolutely helping me getting the smooth, nourished and flawless glowing skin of my dreams. With just a few measured steps taken accordingly, you have that perfect glowing skin and also a lot of water intake specially in this scorching heat will help the products do the magic without taking much time to show instant results (roughly a women’s body needs 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total water intake).

STEP 1 –
Sunscreen – Apply it everyday be it hot, cool or moist weather, you are home or travelling, a sunscreen is a must. The higher the SPF, the more it protects from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Also the sunscreen and the SPF should suit your skin type. Always consult a dermatologist for the perfect guidance on skin related products, be it choosing a simple sunscreen too. As recommended for my skin type, I am using a SUN DEFENSE SPF 15.


STEP 2 –
Cleanse your skin daily after a long hectic day with a cleansing milk and a purifying toner.


STEP 3 –
The acne marks on the skin after the cleansing process is to be corrected by the Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector (if required). Use the applicator to apply the liquid on the areas with the acne mark and leave it for sometime. It helps in reducing the acne marks on the skin (and trust me, it really is effective).


STEP 4 –
Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex is a kind of night cream, which is to be applied after all the above process and daily.


Follow all the above steps daily and you are just there to achieve that flawless looking skin (consultation to a dermatologist is a must).

Daily Use Sunscreen, SPF 15 (50ml) – Rs.750/-
Purifying Toner (100ml) – Rs290/-
Purifying Spot Corrector (8ml)
Pigmentation Reducing Complex (30ml) – Rs.990/-

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My all new Lancôme India’s #LipLover is my recent obsession. I just cannot travel without it now-a-days. Be it Work or Shopping or Movies or Dessert Parlors or Parties, I have to carry it everywhere. The thing I most love about the gloss is the easy open button provided and it’s looks. Also the #LipGloss keeps my lips nourished, plump, supple, soft, moisturized (I am running short of words to describe how good it is). My #LipLover is in shade 321 ‘Rose Contre-Temps’. Lovely name, eh? I wish to have it in all possible shades. Look at my obsession, I just can’t get over it.
Lancôme PARIS, LIP LOVER – Rs.1900/- for 4.5ml
easily available at any Lancôme outlets.
So when are you flaunting your #LipLover shade?

#LipLover looks.

At Cupcake Parlor.

At Ice-Cream Parlor.

At Movies.

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